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Spiele CosmicBall


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Hinzugefügt am: March 1 2013


You have been sent on a space mission. Your job is to fight with an alien species and save the planet. Use the paddle to bounce the ball and clear all bricks. Grab the falling specials which will help you to do your job.


1. Controls: - use the mouse to move the paddle left and right - click left mouse button to use the cannon (special feature) 2. Game rules: - clear at least 80 % bricks from all levels - you can use 3 balls on every level - you have only 90 sec. to finish every level 3. Special features: Collect Power Ups, which help you clear the levels faster: - LiveUp - get 1 extra life - BigPaddle - the paddle is bigger for 15 seconds - BigBall - the ball is bigger for 15 seconds - SpeedDown - the ball moves more slowly for 15 seconds - ShieldPaddle - save 1 ball from dropping - 3balls - two additional balls are created from the moving ball - LaserPaddle - your paddle gets a cannon that can be shot with your mouse button - FireBall - change your ball into FireBall for 15 seconds - IceBall - change your ball into IceBall for 15 seconds - PointBonus - get 1000 extra points Try to avoid the following special features: - LiveDown - deletes 1 of your balls - SmallPaddle - the paddle is smaller for 15 seconds - SmallBall - the ball is smaller for 15 seconds - SpeedUp - the ball moves faster for 15 seconds - ReversePaddle - the paddle moves the opposite direction for 15 seconds 4. Game over: - the game ends when the time runs out - the game ends when you lose all balls - the game ends when you clear all bricks from all 3 levels


arcanoid  shooting  en

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